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About Us

The Alightpro is leading online software training institute which initiated its operations in Global with the motive to bring among the youth the excellence in the field of Information Technology. By understanding the current and future requirements of all the industries in terms of software development, we strive towards building highly efficient and qualitative employees by providing training courses in all the software technologies. We all know training and learning is a continuous process in the technology world. In the process of exploring effective ways of learning, online training is considered as the best way for new-age learners. Catering to growing numbers and varied learning needs, online courses open us to a world of possibilities. Alightpro Training Institute has emerged as the pioneer online training centre in all the software technologies and we give 100 per cent job guarantee and placement assistance for the trained candidates from our Institute.

Alightpro also provides a number of certification courses under the guidance of best & experienced faculties. We provide the highest quality live online training offered in the industry. With our Online certificate training courses, goal is to provide the exact same learning experience as followed in our traditional classroom based courses. We combine the personalized attention and instructor expertise of our classroom sessions with the convenience and cost savings of online training. We provide efficient training from best faculties and industry experts, who will help the candidates to acquire new skills with relevant on job experience and reach their target at the earliest.

out mission


To create an alternative learning platform, using a unique learning method of live online interactive courses and become the most engaging skill transforming platform across the globe.We intend to enable our students with the abilities which will enable them, to update their professions. By utilizing innovation and building a resound arrangement of industry learners, we aim to become the leading provider of professional education and training in all the technologies we provide .Our goal is to deliver training by highly qualified professional staff who are motivated and successful in their right. To make any technology learning easy,interesting,affordable and accessible to the maximum number of learners and to be recognised as one of the top education and training organisation in the world in online training of IT technologies.


We are well-established software professionals as a group,our IT job support mission is to upskill the beginners in IT industry with the ability to solve their Real-time complex project requirements.We are specialized in providing professional and reliable job support.

We deal with all kinds of technology projects,support and development.Our consultants are highly experienced and real time professionals with full technical background.We have started this job support program on demand of our students, we are willing to provide job support to the candidates who are in need.

We have provided online job support to many students who have completed course in our online training program. Pricing of each technology is different, it is based on the exact requirement of yours.Price depends on the number of hours of support we provide you on a monthly basis.Everyone needs help to reach to a certain level in their career .

Feel free to reach us. We will be glad to help you.” We have affordable services that meet the client needs and time frame.We put forward our best skilled IT consultant ,to guide you in achieving the best result in your work and furnish your deliverables.We assist and render job support in all the software technologies currently trending in the market.Our real- time experts guide and help you handle critical situations at the job.

Online IT Training

In the technology world training and learning is a continuous process .In the process of exploring new and effective ways of learning online training is considered as the best way for aspiring students .Online courses opens us to a world of possibilities in enhancing your current skills and expanding the horizons for professional advancement. Our aim is to provide the exact same learning experience as followed in a traditional classroom based courses.

The one solution to overcome hectic schedule and travelling time and achieve these goals is by joining online courses. Alrightpro gives you a great prospect to join any course in the arena of multimedia,java,sap,graphics, web, cad, post production, digital marketing or animation.

Such courses consolidate the customized consideration and teacher mastery of our classroom sessions​ ​ with the convenience and cost savings of online training. We provide you the highest quality live online training in the technology world. We provide certificate on completion of the training course.

In our online training course a student can learn directly and interact with a live expert trainer on one to one basis.Flexibility to choose time and date as per your availability.We give you customized study and preparing plans as you advance through the course.Students can make live inquiries by means of voice amid the training.Free demo session accessible Assistance will be given in portfolio and resume development and provision will be given for job placement support.