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Drawbacks of the existing system Why .NET came into picture Net Framework Architecture

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VB.Net Online Training Concepts :
Overview of Microsoft .NET
✔Drawbacks of the existing system
✔Why .NET came into picture
✔.Net Framework Architecture
✔Components in .Net Framework
✔Basic Functionality of CLR
✔MSIL, CLS, CTS in brief
✔.Net Languages
✔Versions of .Net Framework
2.Basic Introduction of Visual Basic .NET and OOPS
✔Conditional Statements and Loops in VB.NET
✔Data Types in VB.NET
✔Boxing and UnBoxing
✔Sub Programs
✔OOPS Concepts
3. More on VB.NET Language Constructs Class
✔Member Functions and Data Members
✔Access Specifiers
✔Method Overloading
✔Shared Modifier
4. Working with Classes
5. Inheritance in VB.NET
✔Types of Inheritance
✔Abstract Classes
✔Overloading and Overriding
✔Sealed Classes
6. Exception Handling
✔What is Exception?
✔Using Try, Catch and finally in our programs
✔Defining our own exceptions
✔Debugging the Application
7. Data Access with ADO .NET
✔Introduction to Data Access Libraries
✔ADO .NET managed data providers
✔using System.Data.Oledb namespace
✔Connected Architecture using DataReader
✔Disconnected Architecture using DataAdapter and Dataset
✔Invoking the Stored Procedures
8. Windows Programming
✔Using Various GUI Controls
9. Multithreading
10. Delegates and Events
11. Distributed Application Development
✔Remoting Architecture
✔Hands-on Remoting
12. Managed Code and Unmanaged code
✔Using Runtime Callable Wrapper (RCW)
✔Using COM Callable Wrapper (CCW)
13. Miscellaneous

VB.NET Teaching is unique and understandable

My course on VB.NET and Artificial Intelligence has successfully completed under Rishika madam.Teaching is unique and understandable

Rishika .D

VB.NET Teaching is unique and understandable

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