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How we Work ?

Our faculty consists of experienced, real-time working IT professionals which means that candidates get trained with the latest knowledge base.We want to provide the industry with people having good skills and people with the knowledge and ability to make a career in the IT industry.

We at Alightpro strive to teach the latest and most advanced technologies to our students so that they are not left behind while the industry is making progress. Applicants can without much of a stretch adjust to their work as they will be in a state of harmony with a similar innovation that is being utilized in the business

Learners can attend the classes as many times as they want till they get placed. This ensures that they can keep themselves updated for interviews, clear their doubts on a topic till it gets cleared and also cover up on any classes they may have missed. We provide 100% placement assistance.We believe that candidates will have a lot of confidence when they know that we are with them all the way in making their career.

how we work

We have kept our training programs very cost-effective so as to ensure that everyone can take benefit of our courses. During the course, candidates get to work on live projects, giving them exposure of scenarios from the industry,they get to face mock interviews by industry experts. This gives them the benefit of facing real life interviews in the course itself.We provide 24X7 support to candidates even after they get placed.

There is an option of training on One-One basis and Group basis for best understanding and exposure.A highly experienced trainer will teach you as per your understanding level. We provide real time training and are growing ever since with support of our trainers ,students and associates.We are thankful to everyone who has been a part of our journey.We will always innovate new methods of teaching and help students learn and implement new technologies in practical ways.