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Recruitment is the p​rocess​ of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate​ for a job opening, in a timely and​ cost​ effective​ manner. The recruitment process includes analyzing the​ ​job requirements, attracting prospective employees to that job,​ screening​ and selecting applicants, hiring, and integrating the new​ employee​ into the​ organization​ .

We have detailed recruitment and selection policies that need to be followed by those responsible for hiring new employees. It is a linkage activity bringing together those with jobs and those seeking jobs.

The recruitment process is concerned with reaching out, attracting and ensuring a supply of qualified personnel and making out selection of efficient candidates both in their quantitative and qualitative aspect. It is the first stage of the process which continues with selection and ceases with the placement of the candidates.

Enrollment is the p​rocess​ of finding and procuring the best-qualified candidate​ for an employment opportunity, in an auspicious and​ cost​ effective​ way. The enrollment procedure incorporates dissecting the​ ​job prerequisites, pulling in planned representatives to that job,​ screening​ and choosing candidates, enlisting, and coordinating the new​ employee​ into the​ organization​ .

We have nitty gritty enlistment and choice strategies that should be trailed by those in charge of contracting new representatives. It is a linkage action uniting those with occupations and those looking for employments.

The enrollment procedure is worried about connecting, drawing in and guaranteeing a supply of qualified work force and making out choice of effective hopefuls both in their quantitative and subjective viewpoint. It is the primary phase of the procedure which proceeds with choice and stops with the situation of the competitors.