our mission


Our mission is to provide education of high quality to the students who want to boost their career after graduation. Our instructors will do a lot of research before giving you training so that you can have the knowledge of the latest software and tools. We will help you to make a good career by providing different courses so that you can get IT Online Certificate. You can pursue the desired course through our Online IT Certificate Programs and give the exam. We also provide the facilities of job placement assistance, resume development, interview questions, tutorials, etc., along with IT Training Online. Our courses are available at affordable cost and you can pursue the course at the comfort of your time and avail the facility of Learning IT Online.

Our InfraStructure

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Caller: As per enquiry form our executive will reach student to explain how the training and placement process will be done through our end.

After sale caller will send contact and course details to training desk.

Training desk: Training desk team send welcome email to student stating that thanks for enrolling with us. Then team will co-ordinate with student and trainer to schedule the classes based on their feasible timings.

We schedule your training with best guide trainer and real time experience trainer.

Training process: Online training will run through live webinar like Gotomeeting link,Skype etc..,

Support desk: Our support team will work for 24/7. Our team help you to install the software and they help you to resolve software & technical issues.

After course completion our team will forward student contact details to marketing department to start marketing process.


We provide job placement assistance facilities to the students who join our courses and pass the exams successfully. We provide reliable job support to our students. We will provide job support for all those technologies that are taught by our trainers like Cisco, Microsoft, Databases, Programming, etc.

The changes are being made in the technologies at a high pace. IT professionals are sometimes unable to catch this pace. The expectations of employers are high and if people are lacking skills, they can come to use and we will help them to enhance their skills. You can choose such subjects that may help you in doing your duty perfectly like handling multiple projects, dealing with clients, motivating team members, and many others.

We will also provide career guidance for improvement of your skills. We will help you in securing a seat in the job market of IT industry.

Online IT Training

Many people are going for online courses as they are convenient. People can not only [pursue the courses at national level but they can also pursue courses available at international level. They will get the advantage of learning any topic from the comfort of their home or any other comfortable place. There is no need to get ready and commute to the center. The only thing needed is an electronic device and a fast internet connection. Training centers can provide live graining through various tools like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Besides this, training materials and recorded videos of the lectures are also provided.

You will get good guidance from the instructors and support team. The support team is available 24/7 and they will also help you in contacting with the instructors in case of any urgency. Students will also have the option of choosing their time to take the training. Working professionals can also take up these courses without leaving their jobs.

People can choose the timings like evening classes, weekend classes, regular classes, or any other as per their convenience. Another thing that online classes will help in is the improvement in self-discipline. You have to login at the time you have chosen and all the given assignments have to be completed by you on time. As you are doing online course, you can consult your friends through chat to get help in completing the assignment. Besides theory classes, you will also get the facility of practical classes especially if you have taken any programming or database course.

You will have the option of choosing a course related to programming databases, operating systems, web development, digital marketing, and many more. You just need to register for a course and demo classes will be arranged for you. If you are satisfied with the classes, you can pay the full fee. You can also pay fee in installments.